In this article I’m gonna show you how to properly change the “Thank you message” of the Contact Module in Divi 2.5.6. This customization, will require to have a Child Theme for Divi. In order to create the child theme, there are 2 options:

  1. Either you go and read this article: How to create a Child Theme
  2. You download and install the Child Theme I did created for Divi from here.

If you choose to use my Child Theme, please follow those instructions to properly install it and activate it:

  1. Go to Appearance -> Themes
  2. Click on Add New
  3. Click on Upload Theme.
  4. Choose the zip file, you have downloaded from the link above
  5. Click on Install Now button.
  6. After the installing was completed, click on the Activate link.

Using the Child Theme created specially for Divi

If you login to your ftp account, and navigate to /wp-content/themes/ChildThemeDivi, you will notice, that there is a new folder called custom-modules. In this folder, please create a new php file, called ccfm.php (the acronym CCFM stands for Custom Contact Module).

Step1: In ccfm.php file please paste this code:

Step 2: Now you need to paste this code in your functions.php inside the ChildThemeDivi folder. Notice that the file (functions.php) is already created if you are going to use my child theme.

Once that step is done, your child theme, will be using the new Contact Module. Notice I didn’t specify how to change the thank you message yet.

The final steps is to modify the code present in ccfm.php. Go to line 215 where we have this line:

and change the ‘Thanks for contacting us’. Save your file and you’re done.

Create the custom Contact Module if you are using a custom child theme

In this case, you will need, inside your child theme folder, to create a new folder, called custom-modules. Inside this folder, create a new php file, called ccfm.php and place the code I previously posted at Step 1.

Next step is to create the functions.php file, if it’s not already created, and place the code from step 2. Notice: if you just created the functions.php you will need to insert on the first line the opening php tag: <?php .

Hope this will help you guys, and please accept my apologies from posting this so late. If you have question please leave a comment, and I will answer it as soon as possible.

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