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Front-end editor for WordPress

The Front-end Editor lets you create your pages from the front-end of your site. You no longer have to navigate to the back-end, create a page that you’re not sure how it’s going to look on your site, preview it before you publish, and then publish.

Integrating iRedlof ajax login plugin with theStyle

Finally I’ve updated my theme to 1.5 version. Now I can enjoy the page template update. As you can see I’ve already set up a blog category, and made some minor changes to it: I’ve changed the read me button to more visible one, and since I use this...

WordPress Login slide box

Hi guys, to day I’m going to talk about a plugin called iRedlof Ajax Login which you can test on this site. If you will install on your site, using the TheStyle theme from elegantthemes you’ll notice that all your post boxes will not slide anymore, and...