Hey guys, sorry about the big delay, but I have been caught in some really heavy work (to eat, sleep and drink) since it was Christmas and before that I had some little project to customize. I will get make a Work Gallery page so you can visit my works. So first of all I want to wish you all a Happy Merry Christmas  and a Happy New Year.

In this post I want to talk about browsers. So what browser did you use. Which one is the best from you’re point of view? I personal hateInternet Explorer, cause it’s the single one which get all sort of adds in the address bar, it’s the only one which doesn’t include a version of Firebug and it’s the only browser which don’t know half of CSS 3 or CSS 2 declarations.

On the other hand Mozilla Firefox, it’s simple, has a lot of featured and supports all the CSS2 declarations and some of the CSS3 the only negative thing is that it gets slowly after you install a good amount of add-ons. Beside that it’s one of the most complete browser (great for developers, or for designers whit the powerful tool – Firebug).

The second browser I use every day is Chrome. Much faster then Firefox, it has a bigger range of supportes CSS 3 declaration then Firefox and it comes with a lite version of Firebug which can help you debug or customize you site.

Last but not least, sometimes I use Safari but only when I need to test how a particular customization work behaves on different browser. I think Safari at least on Pc is the slowest browser, slower even then Internet Explorer. In testing purposes I also use Opera.

All the browser mentioned above are used with the latest stable versions.¬† I know that on the web are people who still uses Internet Explorer 6 and I personal don’t get this people, I mean, why to have an antic browser rather then enjoy the full pleasure of modern browsers?

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