As you probably know, Nick and the team from eleganthemes had just released a new set of page templates for every theme. To day I want to talk about the new Contact page template. I think this page template is great from many points of view but mainly it will save from install any additional plugins.

You just have to create a blank new page, give a title to the page, and then input your email where you want to receive all the message sent by users using the form on contact page. I think this feature is fantastic, giving you more flexibilty when creating your wordpress site.

Of course, if you don’t like the way it looks, you can easily make custom modification so it will look and feel just the way you wanted, using firebug tool for firefox/chrome/safari you can identify all the elements you have to change in order to make the desired modification.

The contact form generated using the contact form page template, out of the box, has a nice styling as every other page template Nick and the team have released. So if you didn’t update your theme I advice you to do so, to profit of this fantastic new features.

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