Few days a go, the guys from WPCandy made a contest to see who’s the best in this wordpress premium themes business. After six rounds, nearly 200 submitted brackets, and a collective total of more than 30,000 points, it’s finally time to name the winners.

Five rounds of voting eliminated 62 impressive WordPress theme shops from the running, including some of the largest businesses in the …well, business. This last round brought Elegant Themes against ThemeFuse in one of the more intense rounds that we’ve seen. We have the results of the voting, as well as the bracket winner, just after the jump.

Elegant Themes vs. ThemeFuse

They totaled up the number of votes in the polls, the number of tweets on Twitter, and the number of comments on their respective blogs. They ended up with two totals that blew their earlier point totals out of the water and the final results:

  • 15. ThemeFuse: 968 points
  • 3. Elegant Themes: 1,416 points

Which means Elegant Themes is the winner!

Congrats to Elegant Themes. This proves once again they are the best in this business.

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