How many of you guys know about a small yet powerful tool for Mozila Firefox? If you’re wondering about what tool I’m foing to talk in the following moments, I will have to tell you my little dirty secrets. This tool is called Firebug. Now that you know about what I’m gonna talk let’s see if it will do you any good. Let me ask you this: how many times you wished to modify your site but you didn’t know what code to change or where to change it and so on?Well may be you know, may be you don’t but Firebug does exactly that. Plus you can edit your site right on your server and once you’re happy with your changes you can then just edit the file in charge with the look of your site. I think this tool has speared me some good hours of hard work. To show you what i mean i will give you a simple example:

What if I want to change the text color on my search box and make it black!?! How can i do that?

Well I will use the firebug tool to help me identify the file i need to modify and what exactly I need to modify.

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