Surfing on the web, I have came across a nice little plugin, for WordPress, called Front-end Editor which let’s you to add posts/pages and maybe Custom Post Type (never tried it) directly on your Front-end of the website. That’s pretty cool right? I mean we finally have a true WYSIWYG editor.

The best thing is when you start creating your post/page with this plugin active, you will start to type your content, directly in your single.php or page.php template, although it has some limitation since it is still in development, it promise to bring great joy to both non-programming people, as well as for those who are more programming orientated.

When you start to use this plugin, the first thing you will start to enter, is your post/page title (which again will be displayed, using your front end styles (font-family, font-size, font-weight, etc.) after that your can choose the category (if you are creating a single post).

When hiting Enter to start a new paragraph, you will be present with a option to Add a Block, which gives you the option to insert directly on the front-end Media, Horizontal Line, Read more tag and Page Break.

I hope that in the future, they will add more editing capabilities like (headings, paragraphs and other useful editing options). So far it looks like this will be a great service in the near future.

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