Recently elegantthemes have updated all the themes with some nice features such as: Page Gallery Template, or custom login template, and so on. Since they released theStyle theme which I use on this site, I’ve done a lot of custom work to this theme. One of the people who use this theme asked on ET formus how to use the Gallery feature on this theme.

The default update will put a page with the gallery on it but it will have only 2 thumbnails on the page. So since this theme is fluid I thought that to have a gallery and a full width page is a nice feature. So enough with the talking, let’s get to business.

To make this modification, we have to modify only one page: page-gallery.php since we want to change the feel and look of the new page template – Gallery Page.

Firs find this line of code:


and replace it with:


The next thing we have to do is to get rid of the infopanel in the left, so we can take advantage of that space. For that we need to delete (or comment) this piece of code:


Now we don’t have the panel in the left but the space is let unused and we have to fix this, by finding and replace this code:


with this code:


The last thing is to get rid of the side bar, but only for this page, so since is a full width page we don’t need other elements. For this find and delete (or comment) the following code:


That’s all you need to do. Hope you’ll find this usefull for you! Cheers.

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