Finally I’ve updated my theme to 1.5 version. Now I can enjoy the page template update. As you can see I’ve already set up a blog category, and made some minor changes to it: I’ve changed the read me button to more visible one, and since I use this type of button for Submitting a comment and on my contact form, I’ve decide to use the same for blog entries. The contact template works very well but I will stick to Contact Form 7 plugin since I’ve configured it the way I want it.

As for those who read this site, and decide to use iRedlof ajax login plugin I have to tell you that the latest 1.5 version of theStyle theme is not compatible with this plugin. The reason why I spent some quality time debugging this and here is the result.

As you will probably see this plugin will conflict more or less with the new page templates, to be more specific I will give you an example. If you want to use a blog page template, you will notice that when you enter in your blog page the post that are in the category you have choose to display the post in a “blog” format appear below a random post which is displayed in full format.

The reason is the iRedlof ajax login plugin has a “nice” piece of code that grabs and display a random post from all your published posts. So if you have this problem just delete the code that grabs and display the random posts and you will be fine.

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