This weekend I have take some time, to make some simple, yet very nice changes to my site. If you don’t know I use WordPress as a platform, and for the front end use one of the theme from elegant themes, The Style. The little modification I’ve made are referring to the single post.

I relay like web sites that have a nice large single post area, with legible text and some nice thumbnails, or featured images on the top of post text. TheStyle wordpress theme redesign starts using this idea I’ve transform the single post layout to meet my needs. As you can see the single post format now has a wider space, has a big images (as a Thumbnail).

After the post content (which now uses the BitstreamVeraSansRoman font – I think is much easier to read) I want to display 4 of the related post (using the YARP plugin), the tags the post is filed under, and some google ads content. I did want to keep the styling for the tags from the original theme, as for the related post, I want to give the same color used for post title when the mouse is in hover state.

The share this, it will be implemented on the top of the single post layout, somewhere in the middle of  the next and previous post buttons. Also I think I will move the meat tags (posted by, on date, etc) in the upper right corner just to have more space for the post content.

Please feel free to leave a comment ant to share your thought on this. Also I’m an open mind to any other suggestions you might have.

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