Have you try yo use external site for your blog’s thumbnail, but you didn’t know how to achieve this? Now it never been more simple. All you have to do is to make sure that your timbthumb.php file has the latest version and the latest version of timbthumb.php is 2.

If you are using one of the Elegant Themes wordpress theme, then you will have inside your theme folder a file called timbthumb.php all you have to do is to replace the content of that file with the latest script. The latest timbthumb.php file you will find here. Just copy and paste the content form this link and replace the content of your old timthumb.php file located in your theme folder.

After that, just go to your flickr account upload a photo then click on the Share this button. Choose the “Grab the HTML/BBcode” from the popup menu and copy the img src that looks like this:


From the img tag we only need the src attribute. Now go back in wordpress backend create/edit a new post and create a new custom field called Thumbnail (just like before) but for value just paste the link from the flickr.

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