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If you have a new site based on WordPress platform, and you’re a beginner in this business than you may be wondering what theme you have to use, what plugins should you install and so on. Well in this post I will take the liberty to point you some good wordpress resources for you to get started.

One of my favorite resource is YOAST. Joost de Valk, the owner of the YOAST, is a 28 year old web developer, SEO and online marketer. On YOAST you will find very good article about SEO and WordPress Plugins, that will help you when you start your business.

Just make sure you check this links:

Another great resource is CSS3.info. Css3.info, i think is the biggest CSS3 resource on the web. You can find here useful information about how CSS 3 works and maybe you will implement some information on their site to yours. Recommended links:

I will update this post with more information soon.

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