Finally I did my theme update. Since I have started this site, I was using wordpress theme theStyle from Elegant Themes. Over the past months I did a quite amount of custom work and coding, and I find it very hard to update my theme even if the new releases has some new improvements. Last night I have take a big “mouth” of fresh air and I’ve start to make the update.

If the update was very simple, now I have to remake my custom work, that was painfully. After like 2-3 hours of editing files I succeeded. Now I have wordpress theme theStyle version 2.1. I’m no longer using timthumb.php file to create thumbnails, thou the principle remain the same (trough the Thumbnail custom field) the only big difference is now I can use the Set Featured image – and not having problems even when using Big Post. That is kinda cool.

So if you are using any elegant Themes for your wordpress based site, don’t forget to update all your themes (if you have more than one wordpress themes on your site), also make sure you have installed the latest wordpress platform and all your plugins are updated.

This way you will have a more secure site, and a better functionality. Happy blogging.

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